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of all movements in the logistics chain, from▓ production to transport to stores can func▓tion in a streamlined manner by the same c▓ompany.The Beijing Exhibition Center highlights all of the

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se aspects of Industry 4.0, which are now known as "Made in China." Visitors can see models and photos with detailed explanations on how new technologies will impact the manufacturing industries, not only i

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Center on Wednesday morning

elderly people, waiting to step up to the machine. They stand on a weight ▓scale and place their left arm into a blood pr▓essure machine. The Health Service Robot appears to conduct facial recognition and body scan

, Nov. 8, ▓2017 to take a closer look. The first surpri▓se was to see the huge crowds as long lines of people stood outside in the cold.The exhibit▓ in general did not fail to disappoint, as visitors could view vivid poster photos plaster▓ed all over the walls and you could touch the numerous models of China's big projects, such as▓ an artificial sun, FAST (Five-hundred-mete▓r Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), world's largest radio telescope, hi-speed trains, deep▓ sea research submersibles and so much more.Y▓ou could walk to 11 different exhibition areas, which fea▓ture different themes, including tr▓ansportation, energy, crackdown on c▓orruption, PLA (people Liberation Army) advances ▓in weaponry, new inventions, hybrid agr

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on is give▓n a paper that shows their current medical condition, while the information is fed into a Big Data engine▓ that can be fed to the patient’▓s files and submitted to their doctor and local hospital.The Health Service Robot can play an eff▓ective role in China’s rural regions, since patients can first visit the local clinic and if it detects a serious

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